The Creator’s Cross is created to develop and conduct preventative medicine.

The Creator’s Cross is unprofitable project of Vital Ideal Solutions Ltd, New Zealand with a separate bank account. All the money will stay in the project only.

Purposes of The Creator’s Cross:

  • Human studies and researches
  • Creating and developing methods of early recognition of health declines
  • Creating and developing health diagnostic equipment and methods
  • Creating diagnostic centers with advanced equipment and top experts
  • Regular health diagnostics
  • Personal health planning and corrections
  • Gathering and analyzing health statistic data
  • Researching and advising on long life questions

All information is kept in our separate database which is absolutely confidential. It will never be disclosed to any third party, even with your written permission.

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Individuals Organizations
$20 weekly
$40 fortnightly
$80 monthly
$25 weekly
$50 fortnightly
$100 monthly

We collect information about health and monitor it during the first continues 3 years of being our client.
After 3 years of your successful following individual health plan, we cover all your health maintenance expenses including diagnostics in depth, dental and surgery if that still happens.

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